Saturday, May 8, 2010


There was a time in my life when I thought that I might not be a Mom. Wow, what a crazy thought. I’m so glad that there were other plans for my fate. There are days when I feel like this is what I was born for and then there are others where I wish I could sit my little three-year-old down and explain to him that two failed epidurals, full on labor and having a c-section anyway gives me the right to watch Bravo instead of Sprout. Oh, it will be so much easier when he understands what any of that means.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I am officially missing my mom. However, I am extremely fortunate because my mom is in New Jersey – and not gone from my life like others I know. So for Mother’s Day, I thought I would give a few shout outs for some of the mom’s in my life that brighten or have brightened the lives of those around them:

Julie (my mom!):

Thanks for being a fabulous mom. You have always done the best you know how. Thanks so much for spreading your love to my friends who have had to say goodbye to their own moms. I love you. Wish you were here to spend Mother’s Day with me.

Judy (Chad’s mom):

I miss you! Thank you for raising a wonderful son, who is a wonderful man. You would be so proud of the husband and father he has become.

Lori (A’s Mom):

Deep down, I know you have Jersey in you…and I love you for it. A is very lucky to have you in her court.


You are classic, old fashioned and full of sunshine – about a perfect combination. Thanks for being here for us since Judy has left us.


Thanks for Amy…enough said!


Having one is hard enough, how you did it on your own with five seems unfathomable. Amazing.

Think about all the moms you cross paths with daily…every story unique, every life their own. Take a minute this mother’s day to say thanks, thanks for being mom to you, your husband or your best-friend. Say thanks to those birth-moms who loved in a different way, who loved enough to allow another woman to become the mom she was destined to be. Say thanks to a single mom who is doing it on her own, and to every mom who is simply doing the best she can.

Tomorrow I am going to say thank you to my son – because of him I get to be called MOM!