Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Person's Reality is Another Person's Entertainment

I love my reality TV! I also love Celebrity Pop Culture! Couple those both together and it's been a magical week for this TV Voyeur. So it's time for a little collection of Rants, raves and whatever else spews:

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie
He's everywhere...he's over the top...he's just losing it! I'll admit, at first it was interesting...the interviews were impossible not to watch. Then came Twitter; and all the record breaking that came along with it. But here's the thing...Do you think we might be cyber enablers? I started to feel a little guilty, like I was doing something wrong. It was like my watching, laughing and gasping were somehow encouraging him. I guess time is only going to tell how this saga is going to turn out.

Bachelor - The Final Rose is coming!
We have a little friendly competition in our house. Hubby thinks it's Brad and Shantel... Corbin and I are singing the tune of Brad and Emily sitting in a tree...
Since we are so close to finding out the conclusion, leave it to the crazy magazines - you know, the one's we buy at airports (ok, that's when I buy them; and, my sissy got off the plane with an armful!) - well, they are all screaming their version of the ending "TRICKED BY EMILY'S LIES" and "SECRETS OF THE PROPOSAL." Let's face it, the final rose could not come fast enough for me.

American Idol
I don't watch Idol. Love Steven Tyler...Love JLo...still don't get it!

Have you met the Real Housewives of Miami?
Love my Bravo fix, but I'm not feeling this new chapter. They all kinda like each other, they're not super controversial and I have not identified which one (if any) is the crazy. To quote my friend Chris, "The just make me wish I had more money!"

Train Wrecks Everywhere
Besides Charlie, the Train wrecks still seem to be getting all the attention - Drunk Christina, Thieving Lindsey, Defending her Mommy Miley.

Things I Love this week:
  • Piers Morgan's tweets
  • The Trailer for Cars 2 - coming out in June
  • The notion that William & Kate launched "The Official Royal Wedding Website"
Things I could do without:
  • The vision of Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson dating
  • That darn Justin Beaver
  • One more mention about MTV's Teen Mom's