Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Superbowl is Coming...and that means another National Anthem Performer!

Can the National Anthem put you in a good mood?

Why yes, yes it can. At least last week it did for me.

I just love playoff time...doesn't matter the sport, but simply put, playoff=popular.  And, popular means that really great celebrities will be showing up, stepping up and belting out that amazjng tribute to our great country. Now, that's cool!

So, since last weekend was a big football weekend, we got two amazing (and polar opposite, I might add) renditions. First up Steven Tyler and his much talked about Steven Tyleresque version.  Now, I feel compelled to add here that I am a huge fan.  Aerosmith still holds a special place in my heart (and on my iPod). However, I don't think I'm stating the obvious, but without the backup band, studio remastering and the tight pants, it was a whole lot of Steven Tyler screeching. You know what though? I thought it was just fabulous! I was smiling and happy as he screeched out every word...and at the end when he threw his head back and gave it some love-in-an-elevator-going-down-feeling...I was cheering! Cheering for him, cheering for the players and cheering for our great country.

Then later in the day just came the most pleasant surprise when Kristin Chenoweth sang before the 49ers/Giants game. Loved it!  First off she sounded beautiful, she has just a beautiful voice. But then it was at the end, and the camera pans back in and shes just loving life...smiling an I-just-kicked-ass smile...and her arms are going...and in that moment I was happy! Happy to be watching, excited for the emotion and all around proud to be American. I can honestly say that it was one of my favorite  renditions since Whitney Houston sang it in 1991.

Call me a traditionalist, but I think its an honor for a celebrity to be able to sing OUR song, and I get annoyed when its done in any fashion that doesn't garner that respect.  Christina Aguilera butchering the words was ridiculous...and there was that thing with Roseanne Barr-'nuff said!! So, to see such a great performance was just enough to bring a smile.

With that game of all games coming spoon, we have another rendition to look forward to.  Let's see what Kelly Clarkson brings to the stage.  She's plenty capable, but only time will tell.  I just hope she takes it to heart and gives America one to be proud of!

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