Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mother's Day Challenge - Day 28 & 29

Dang, missed another day! This challenge got harder and harder as the month went on. But, I tried hard to not lose my commitment.

Today is the first night of Vacation! The Mayor, my friend Indie Mom and her daughter, the Fabulous Ms. B have joined me in a trek to NJ. The Jersey Shore, to be exact. This is where I grew up, and this is where my heart comes back to each summer...this year, I'm sharing it with them.

So today my "me" time was utilitarian! I needed to pack, so C took the Mayor to our Club for some play time. It was nice to be able to pack in...well, almost peace! Between C and The Mayor being gone, and my packing, our dog (who is quite neurotic) was quite disturbed. Max followed me around the house while doing this high pitched whine thing that he does- heeeeeeeeeeee, heeeeeeeeee! Bless his little heart!

One thing I have learned throughout this journey is that when it comes to getting some peace and quiet-some time for me-all I need to do is ask! Wow, when I communicate to C, and let him know what I need, he's been right there to help out. It's really been nice.

Off to bed so we can begin this vaca in the AM!

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