Thursday, December 1, 2011

One Step Ahead...

Oh please don't let me fall two steps behind!

December 1st.  The Advent calendar is filled with daily prizes for C, and the countdown to Christmas has officially begun.  Really, does it matter that the Advent calendar is the only Christmas decoration hung?  Or that the Thanksgiving decorations are sill firmly in place?  Ok, and I even noticed that my "Trick or Treat" doormat is still outside.  None of that matters!!  I officially feel one step ahead and I like it.

We don't go all-out with tons of presents under the tree, so the Advent calendar has become one of my favorite traditions with C.  He's almost 5, and since we are a "one and done" family I am trying to enjoy every minute of it and create traditions that will move with him throughout his life.  It's important to me.

C's Advent Calendar
So last night I sat and filled the little pockets with Chocolate Santa's, Lego men, a Matchbox car and these cool little Squinky things that he is going to LOVE.  A couple of the pockets even have little notes that promise fun things we're going to do.  We're going to ride the Santa Train at the mall, go and see the Muppet movie and the big one...Disney on Ice.  I'm just as excited to move on the to next day as he is.  We're enjoying the Christmas season one day at a time.

Tonight, we will put up the tree!

This weekend I will make lists, shop a little, work on cards and enjoy the season some more.

One step ahead...

No twenty-five days go by faster than the ones in December and I'm sure this year will be no exception.  This is why I am making that promise to myself that I am going to enjoy them...through the eyes of my son.  And if I do fall two steps behind - I'll just keep chugging along, cause that's what us Mom's do.

Cheers to the Holiday Season!

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