Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sweating Glitter!

Recently I've been feeling very crafty! Not sure where this bought of creativity came from, but it's been a long time since I've put time and energy into making things.  Years ago (years and years, to be exact), I used to craft all the time - painting, stitching, sewing, whatever - but times change.  Well, I guess they change back, too!

A few days ago I posted about the Bridal Shopping Survival Bags, which I loved...and they were a hit with the ladies when we went shopping.  That might have been what got me started.  It just feels so good to create something.  So I just kept going!

My friend Kelly makes these great embroidered t-shirts for all the kids.  Well since they grow like weeds, they don't stay in the stuff very long, it's tough to hand-me-down clothes with names on them...and they are just so darn cute...I'm sure you can appreciate my need to hold onto it for a little longer.  After a quick Pinterest search, a quick trip to Hobby Lobby for a zipper - behold, a crayon (or whatever!) pouch.

The Mayor loved it!  My sewing skills are a little rusty, but it turned out cute...and I have another zipper and another t-shirt to get some more practice on.

Drawers | Before
I went from playing with glitter glue to sewing...and then this past weekend I moved on to larger pursuits - and chalkboard paint! I took a dresser that was in our spare room and gave it a kid-fun-face-lift and moved it into The Mayor's room.  I have to say that my first endeavor with chalkboard paint may have consequences; with 3/4 of a can left, there is not a surface in my house that is safe.

Of course I totally forgot to take a before picture of the dresser, but I remembered to get a shot of the Drawers after we got them to the garage.

Drawers | During
I was surprised how easy the paint was to work with.  I already have a few creative projects up my sleeve to do with some of the leftover paint.  Stay tuned for more sharing of my craftiness.

I am really happy with how the dresser came out.  The Mayor added his touch by picking out the hardware, and Hubby was my drill master...so we all had a hand in it, which really makes me smile!  Oh, and in three days when he can get busy with the chalk, he'll surely be smiling, too.

I hope this bought of craftiness lasts because I have quite a few other projects that I would like to take on.

What kind of crafty projects do you have planned?
The Finished Project

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