Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Girls' Weekend, a Wedding and Coming Home

The joy of a girls' weekend!  Don't you love how I say that like I do it all the time?

This past weekend I got to enjoy a fun girls' weekend courtesy of my bosses wedding in California.  It would have been so much fun to have brought my hubby, but hey, living on a budget these days made going solo the least expensive option.  So, off I went to Cali with a great friend and co-worker, KK.

I decided early on that I wanted to document the, tweets, fb statuses...just some fun!  However, early on in the weekend I realized that I really wasn't picture worthy most of the time, and assume KK felt the same (after all, who wants their pic taken after traveling, working out, etc.?)  Welcome to the trip documented in beverages!  Normal, no.  Fun, absolutely.  After all, who has an opportunity when you don't have to drive and you can be a little indulgent?

Cheers at the Airport
Yeah, we finally arrived!

It was super fun, and I've already told KK that I'm going to turn them into a coffee table book for her birthday!
Mimosa's for Breakfast
Hydration over golf (OK, a driving range!)

The purpose of the whole weekend though was The Wedding.  This wedding did not disappoint!  It was one of those events that was filled with so much love, gratitude and happiness.  I'm so honored to have gotten to share the special day with my boss and his beautiful new wife.

The Wedding was so great.  It was a traditional Chinese menu that included some foods I had eaten before, some I had not, some I thought were amazing...well, and some that were not up my alley.
I tried everything - ok, almost everything - a darn mushroom allergy, and not wanting an evening full of hives made me miss out on the soup course.  Holy Peking, love, was about the best I have ever had.  And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the cake (love my cake!!).  It was amazing and I probably could have eaten an entire tier on my own.

After lots of dancing, not enough sleep and not being able to find that just-right breakfast at LAX, I was home.  I love to travel, but there is nothing better than coming back home.

Being without my men for those few days made homecoming even better...ahhh, the hugs from a 5-year old. After lots more hugs, some dinner prepared by hubby and a few more hugs, into my bed I climbed - and curled up with my own pillow.

Dorothy was right, there really is no place like home!

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