Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother's Day Challenge - Day 11

Back at the beginning of the year, a friend introduced me to  It came at just the right time, because I had wanted to get back into the groove of reading more.  Before I gave birth to The Mayor I had an appetite for reading - and always found it easy to get lost in a good book.  OMG, and vacations where I could take in 2 or 3 books were so amazingly the norm.  Fast forward five years, and I can barely get in a chapter, at night, in bed, before dozing off to sleep.  Needless to say it takes forever to get through a book.

The other day at work I was talking with my friend KK about those 50-Shades of Grey books that everyone (OMG, even my mom!) are reading.  It must have registered to her that I had been reading the book for a while now, so she stated the obvious - that it's taking me a long time to read a book that others have told her they can't put down.  Argh...yes, it takes me forever to read a book...but honestly I'm trying.  You see, back at the beginning of the year I made a challenge on to read 24 books in 2012.  Now, since I have not read 24 books in the five years AC (After Child), I knew I was in for it.  Oh, and Goodreads promptly let me know that I am 5 books behind reaching my goal.

Today, a little me time was in order in the form of reading.  Not laying in bed, I set off to read a chapter during the day.  Carved out some time to do it...and got it done.  Now, if I can keep my eyes open once I climb into bed I'll read a little more and hopefully get through this book sooner, rather than later.

If you are looking for a great new site to poke around on, check out  And if you are a reader, I promise it will be worth your time.  You can create an account, and then create virtual book shelves to keep track of what you're reading, what you want to read, and what you have finished.  The site will generate suggestions based on your ratings of books you have read, and you can connect with fellow reader friends to see what they are reading.


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