Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day Challenge - Day 5

Ok, confession time.  Up until the beginning of this year I was absolutely horrible about the simple task of washing my face at night.  I would literally crawl into bed each night; tired from the day, eager to hit the pillow and go to sleep.  Each morning I would then wander into the bathroom, look at the smudged mess in the mirror and think that I really should have washed my face the night before.

When I made my New Year's resolutions this year, as part of my resolve to take better care of me I decided that I was no longer going to skip the sink and climb straight into bed.  Happily, there have only been one or two times that I have not sent the days' make-up swirling (and one of them can be blamed on being a tad bit over-wined!).

New habits form easily.  At least in this case they did; and now it's not even something I think about.  But, here's the thing...I am now a little obsessed with taking better care of my skin.  So today, as part of my challenge I took a little time, did a little internet research and looked for the proper way to cleanse your face at night...and have put it to the test.

What you need:
  • Makeup remover of your choice
  • Cleanser of your choice
  • Soft towel
  • Toner of your choice (optional)
  • Moisturizer of your choice
1.  Remove eye makeup using makeup remover on a cotton product of your choice (ball, pad, whatever).  Pay special attention to waterproof makeups.
2.  Use lukewarm water to wet your entire face and neck area.  Apply your cleanser being careful to not scrub too hard - and being sure to get all the way to your ears and all the way down your jawline and neck. Use lukewarm water to rinse.  Nearly every article/website I read said to make sure to rinse well to remove excess residue and cleanser.
3.  Repeat if necessary - but don't over cleanse (you shouldn't feel squeaky clean).
4.  Pat dry with a soft towel - but don't rub.
5.  Apply a toner if you prefer.
Note: The jury is still out for me on the toner.  I Googled it every way to Friday and found plenty of pro-toner references and plenty of anti-toner references.  So like with any other decision - go with whatever works for you.  Personally, I have oily skin and like how my face feels after using toner.
6.   Apply a light moisturizer of your choice.

I'm going to work with this routine for a while and see how it works out.

Until tomorrow...may your cares be washed away!

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