Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Challenge - Day 3

Tonight I have my first glimpse into how much self discipline this challenge is going to take.  I set out to do this challenge for pure personal reasons; one of which was to dedicate a few minutes each day to doing something that would let me go to sleep at night knowing that I'm taking care of my own well being (something I know a lot of mom's struggle with).  Well today was just a day!  There were downs and ups and more downs...and then more downs...argh.  But you know what...that's life.  There will always be ups and downs.  There will be busy days and lazy days - happy days and sad days.

Even though the urge was overwhelming to fall into bed and leave the blogging for another time, I knew that I was not going to give up.  I especially didn't want to give up because I love today's me time that I spent...I took a walk.  Not a long one, just about 15 minutes.

This morning I threw my flip-flops into my work bag before leaving the house.  By taking my flip-flops rather than my sneakers meant that my walk was going to be relaxing, stress relieving - and not stress inducing like I was trying to get a work-out in during the middle of a busy day (I've tried that and it stresses me out!).  Around 3:00 this afternoon I took a break from my desk, changed into my flops and set out simply taking a lap and a half around my work complex.  A little exercise, some fresh air and a little vitamin D from the sun.

My relaxing thought!
An afternoon walk will be a regular thing for me, and here are some things to enhance your walk:
  • Take a work friend with you on the walk - but try to focus conversation on non-work, non-stressful things (this is about relaxing!)
  • Put on your iPod and enjoy some positive, up-beat music
  • Focus on deep breathing techniques...in and out...in and out...in and out
  • Think relaxing thoughts
  • Don't stress yourself by setting goals on distance or speed - this is just a little me time, after all!
Oh, and as I get to the conclusion of this blog I have realized something else.  Today I accomplished two me-time's...because taking the time to write this really was a good idea.

Taking it in stride!  'Til tomorrow...

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