Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day Challenge - Day 7

 One week down! Nice. I'm really proud of myself because it has been a commitment making sure I stick with this each day; but it's been worth it.  Since today was Saturday, I thought for sure it would be easier to get in some me time. Wow, kinda wrong.

One of the things that is super difficult for a lot of moms is finding help with all of the things that just need to get done. Between laundry, and cleaning, and grocery shopping, and all the other things that need to get done, it's not hard to get lost in the sea of things to do. Now, one thing that I don't do enough is simply ask for help.

Today's me time came in the form of designating a chore. I was able to get some stuff done, while drinking my second cup of coffee in peace, while C and The Mayor headed off to Costco. Now, that doesn't sound like a lot, but C doesn't particularly care for Costco trips on Saturdays, and I actually like Costco, so I really would have liked to have gone...but this was a good trade off.

The Mayor and I enjoying our relaxing evening.
The me time really was only used for chores, but anyone with a five-year-old knows the time difference between chore with child...and chore without child. Valuable, valuable time. The nice part was the payoff.  We were able to go out and have a super fun evening where I was able to relax because I felt like the day was productive!

So delegate away! 'Til tomorrow.

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