Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Challenge - Day 4

Made it over the hump and now it's time to coast into the weekend. It's funny, but each week I look forward to the weekend, but then it gets here and there is just so much to do...that some weekends I wonder what it was I was waiting for. I'm sure this weekend is going to be not different since we are seriously booked. Oh well!

Good news is that I was able to carve out some serious mom time today...and it was the best kind! So, when was the last time you went to the movies on a weeknight? Well, I did tonight and it was so nice. No lines, no crowds, just me and another working Mom friend who made the time to make it happen.

The Mayors swim lessons were handled by C, they were on their own for dinner and the movie pass was purchased at Costco for a discount (woo hoo, fun and budget friendly!).

The movie was wonderful. We saw The Lucky One, the company was great, and the evening was relaxing.

Until tomorrow, that's a wrap!

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