Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day Challenge - Day 10

Today was a departure from my normal Tuesday nights.  Normally Tuesday's are what we affectionately call "mom's dinner" nights.  This is the night that three mom friends and I get together for dinner, some wine, some kiddo playtime and some conversation.  This week, however, 50% of the mom's are getting ready for big moves, and I have a busy week that I'm trying to stay ahead of, so it was a good night to take off.

My original plan was to work a little later, have some dinner with my men and then relax and watch Dancing with the Stars season finale.  However, as the day went on I was running out of steam...and was truthfully feeling like I needed a little redemption from my challenge failure of yesterday.  So, I finished up at work and headed to Target.  I half wanted to wander around (who does not love wandering around Target!?!) and I was looking for some supplies to make a little craft project.  Crafting on a Tuesday...brilliant idea!  Relaxing idea!

A couple of months ago I found a really cute perpetual memory calendar of sorts on Pinterest.  I fell in love with the idea, and knew it would be something that I could give my own twist and have some fun with it.  Here is the original idea:

You can also check it out at www.designsponge.com.
I was looking for something to hold the index cards that was a little modern; and had nice clean lines.  Behold, the cutest little "crate" that holds the full size index card perfectly!  For my dividers, I wanted to use photos.  Once it is complete, each day I will have an opportunity to write something that happened, something I did, or any other event.  What a great way to record memories.

The start of my perpetual memory calendar!
I dug through an old box of pictures, and found twelve that were a good representation of old photos, new photos and family members.  I trimmed photos to the index cared width, but slightly taller.  I then covered the photos using clear contact paper to give them some stability.  There is some more work to do, but for now I know that I have had some "me" time tonight and that feels great!  I'm looking forward to taking the time to finish it up so I can start adding memories.  I will post more pics when it's done.

Happy memory making!

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